General Criteria for Family Grouping of Telecom Devices Obtaining Certification in Mexico

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June 15, 2019

The National Technical Committee of Mexico points out the general criteria for family grouping of telecommunication devices within the certification process.

Please, note the models can be considered as a family when:

  • They are of the same product type

  • Have the same brand

  • Have the same voltage supply and the same power supply elements. This should be proven by an electrical diagram or technical information

  • Equipped with the same wireless devices that operate in the same frequency bands and with the same working principle

  • The power consumption of the equipment or systems may have a tolerance of 10% between the models of higher and lower consumption value for that equipment or systems that are powered by mains. If the equipment is powered by batteries, it can have a tolerance of 5% between the models of higher and lower consumption value

  • It is possible to the change plastic parts by metallic parts that may have contact with the user while providing the appropriate level of protection against electric shock and heating

  • The insulating, thermal, and electrical materials must be of the same type and durability

Otherwise, if you apply for certification of the group of models, you might have problems at the early stage of the certification procedure and face the delay in getting conformity documents.

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