Rwanda released draft guidelines for the use of SRD

Africa & middle east
August 07, 2019

​​The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) released a draft establishing the technical requirements and conditions required for type approval of short range devices.



SRD Applications according to the draft:

The most common areas of SRDs applications are:
1.  Telemetry.
2. Telecommand.
3. Broadband Radio Local Area Network.
4. Voice and video.
5. Broadband radio local area networks.
6. Road transport and traffic telematics.
7. Equipment for detecting movement and equipment for alert.
8. Alarms.
9. Inductive applications.
10. Radio microphones.
11. RFID.
12. Ultra low power active medical implant.
13. Wireless audio applications.

Authorization requirements for use of SRDs

The use of SRDs shall be license exempted unless specified otherwise. However, all SRDs like any other radio device must be type-approved by the RURA.
The frequencies, transmitting power and external high-gain antenna of these radio devices must not be altered without a prior approval by RURA.
SRD vendors are required to be registered in accordance with the type approval guidelines.



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