Mozambique updates the process of Telecommunications devices certificates

Africa & middle east
November 06, 2019

ARECOM ( Autoridade Reguladora das Comunicaçoes de Moçambique) has updated the validity period of Telecommunications devices certificates.

This update in force through Order No. 66/2018 of November 9th, 2018 relates to the validity of Type Approval certificate in the country. In the past, Certificates were permanent but now the validity period has been limited to Eight (8) years. After that period, the certificate will no more be valid to allow access to the local market.

The INCM is subject to the supervision of the minister responsible for communications, enjoying administrative autonomy (ability to perform own administrative acts), financial (ability to decide his expenses and his budget) and assets (ability to own assets) and appropriate powers of action and powers for decision-making by the same.


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