A new amendment to the Wireless Telegraph Order will take place at January 01, 2019

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August 05, 2019

Communications Minister Ayoob Kara has signed an amendment to the Wireless Telegraph Order – Signing the order will reduce barriers and significantly ease the import of dozens of electronics when it comes to personal or family imports, for self-use and solely if the import is limited to a maximum of five devices.

Another barrier was removed:

Minister of Communications Ayoob Kara signed the amendment to the Telegraph Wireless Order (Non-application of Order) (No. 2) (Amendment), 2018. From the moment the order comes into force after writing in the records in the coming days, dozens of products that have so far been delayed in customs for office approval will be released immediately without the office’s intervention.

The electronics products that come into effect under the order are:

  • Computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard or speaker).
  • Computer screen, Document scanner printer,Photocopier.
  • Home or office video projector .
  • Streaming Video (Streamer),Gaming console.
  • E-book reader.
  • Tablet, hand held computer, Laptop.
  • Desktop computer, TV receiver set-top box converter for receiving television receivers:
  • Radio receiver, Cell Phone Replacement Parts ((Edge Equipment (Cellular transmission) as defined in the Communication Order (Lightning and Broadcasting)) (Exempt from Licensing for Edge Equipment Operating in Cellular Method (Cellular transmission), 2012 [1]). A hand watch, that is not an Cellular transmission as defined in the Communications Order (Bezeq and Broadcasting) (exempt from licensing for end equipment operating under the Cellular Method (Cellular transmission), 2012. Car Handsfree; Camera(except security camera); Vacuum Cleaner; Wireless electric charger; Home audio system; Audio amplifier for home use;

Not included in the order:

  • Skaters and smart home products.

Also, the router access point exemption and WIFI range increases will only take effect on January 1, 2019.


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