THILAND NBTC Updates for 920-925MHz Usage for RFID and non-RFID

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June 06, 2018

      NBTC has released following standards on 24 November 2017

–    NBTC TS 1010-2560 (update standard for RFID)

–    NBTC TS 1033-2560 (new standard for non-RFID 920-925 MHz) – this will allow

      920-925MHz in Thailand Effective date: 24 November 2017

                                                                 IoT or LoRa to use Below are the summary for these 2 standards.

Summary of new and revising standard for non-RFID 920-925MHz  NBTC Thailand

1) (new standard) Standard/Announcement Name: Technical Standard for non-RFID Radio Communication Equipment 920-925 MHz

Standard number: NBTC TS 1033-2560

Description Detail
Frequency Range 920-925MHz
Output power 4 Watt e.i.r.p.(tested as per ETSI EN300220-1 or FCC 15.247)
1 Unwanted emissions in the spurious As per ETSI EN 300 220-1orCode of Federal Regulation (USA): Title 47 Telecommunication; Chapter 1 Federal Communications Commission; Part 15 Radio Frequency Devices ; Subpart C – Intention Radiators ; §15.209 Radiated emission limits ; general requirements
2 Spectrum Access Spectrum Access shall follow Duty Cycle or Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum:FHSS as in below requirements (one of below option will be ok)
2.1 Duty Cycle Duty cycle in 1 hour shall not be over below value

Output power % of duty cycle
<50 mW e.i.r.p. 1
>50 mW e.i.r.p. but not over 4 W e.i.r.p. 10
2.2 Frequency Hopping SpreadSpectrum : FHSS
Bandwidth at 20dB Number of hopping channels Dwell time Condition of usage
<250kHz Not over 20 0.4 seconds within 8 seconds Not over 10% of duration 1 hour
>= 250kHz but  not over 500kHz Not over 10 0.4 seconds within 4 seconds Not over 10% of duration 1 hour
3 Electrical safety requirements IEC60950-1 or TIS1561-2556
4 Human Health Safety requriements As per NBTC regulation regarding human health safety.
Classification of equipment
Output power Classification
Not over 50 mW e.i.r.p. Sdoc
Over 50 mW e.i.r.p. but  not over 4 W e.i.r.p. Class A


Item 1 Unwanted emissions in the spurious, there should be table or test plot appear on test report. Table or test plot should have relevant frequency range and spurious limit as per above table.

Item 2 Spectrum Access, there should be information appears on test report (or NBTC can accept a letter from test lab) to confirm value of spectrum access as per the above table.

Summary of new and revising standard for RFID 920-925MHz NBTC Thailand

(revising standard) Standard/Announcement Name: Technical Standard for RFID Radio Communication Equipment 920-925 MHz

Standard number: NBTC TS 1010-2560

Description Change Detail from previous version
Classification RFID 920-925MHz will be changed for its classification as follows.

Output power Before After
Not over 50 mW EIRP Class A (user license exempted Sdoc (manufacture, possess, user, import, export license exempted)
>50 not over 500 mW EIRP Class A (posess, user, export license exempted) (no change)
>500mW EIRP not over 4 W EIRP Class A (no change)


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