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March 16, 2016

In March 09th 2016 Anatel published an ordinance stating EAN code neither EAN letter is no longer necessary for Anatel certification process according to Resolution No. 662 of March 8, 2016.
From now on EAN code and EAN letter are NOT required anymore due to the annual growth in the number of requests for approval of telecommunications products in the country; the need to expand the supply of available numbers for issuing homologation certificates per year and the number of combinations for the identification code of the manufacturers of products to be registered in the Agency basis.

Major changes in the resolution are:

  • The approved products must bear the Anatel seal of identification, legibly and indelibly as model and inserts instructions in Annex III of this Regulation, observing the rules specified for the construction of Anatel brand.
  • For products in which the space for placing the brand and the approval identification code is insufficient, it shall be provided the marking and identification of the approval code in the operating manual for the user and optionally on packaging product.
  • Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of telecommunications products, whose certification is promoted from the entry into force of this Resolution shall observe the identification of approval, as provided by art. 1 of this Resolution.
  • The products submitted for certification to the entry into force of this Resolution may optionally use the old format of the approval code.
  • May be regularly sold the remaining units in trade and those distributed by the approval applicant, with the approval code in the old format without the need to redial the product to the new format of the approval code.


Testing & Certification

  • EMC/ EMI Testing & Certification (FCC Part15, CE, VCCI..)
  • Electrical Safety Testing & Certification (UL/IEC/EN 60950)
  • Wireless Testing & Certification (FCC Part15, MiC, CE, IC..)
  • Mobile Operators approvals (PTCRB, GCF, Verizon, AT&T)
  • IT security (FIPS 140-2) Testing & Certification
  • Sustainability Testing & Certification (RoHS, Prop65, REACH, CPSIA..)
  • E-Waste Legislation frame work and ocal rep over Europe
  • Explosive Atmosphere (ATEX, HazLOc) Testing & Certification
  • Prepartion for Factory & Quality audits for ISO 8079-34 & NRTL
  • Homologation Type Approvals in 196 countries
  • Project Management in outsourcing from Start to End

Compliance Strategy

  • Initial Technical Assesment
  • Standards choice & Test Plan – Compliance Strategy
  • Identification of non compliance Issues
  • Gap assesement: Design vs. Compliance
  • Gap assesement for previously certified product
  • Gap assesement for Critical Components
  • Market Research
  • Laboratories Technical Compliance Bidding
  • Customized Strategy approach for your compliance needs


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