Indonesia – National mandatory EMC & Safety standards published

Asia & Pacific
December 13, 2018


New Regulation Introduces Changes in Type Approval Process in Indonesia published by SDPPI for EMC &Safety

The main changes that affect the upcoming certification process:

  • A certificate holder must be a local Indonesian company, can be a local manufacturer, a local distributor, a local importer or a company local representative that’s officially registered in Indonesia.
  • A certificate holder must have an NIB (Business Registration Number)
  • There are no timelines for certificate validity. However, if the product is still produced, assembled or imported to Indonesia after 3 years, recertification is still required according to the section №70 of Regulation #7.
  •  Certification Scheme – The new scheme comprises the following steps:
    1. Testing in an SDPPI-accredited test lab (could be an in-country SDPPI-accredited test lab or a foreign SDPPI-accredited test Lab) to get a test report.
    2. Submitting the test report and application documents to the SDPPI headquarter for evaluation.
    3. Certificate issuance.


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