China – Guide to SRRC Approval for Radio Transmission Equipment

June 07, 2018

SRRC Type Approval (State Radio Regulation of China, SRRC) is a mandatory request in China for Wireless products depends on SRRC categories list.

The goal of the SRRC Type Approval is the identification of parameters and functions of radio transmission equipment like frequency range, frequency band, transmitting power, frequency tolerance, occupied bandwidth (or spectral characteristics of the signal), and parameters of the frequency range like out-of-band emissions and spurious emission limits.

SRRC tests are covering also safety tests of radio transmission equipment for the CCC certification.

For Cellular or Landline products, Network Access License (NAL) by CTA is also mandatory. However this process is in serial to SRRC which must be completed first.

Receiving SRRC certification required the following:

  • Testing in an accredited lab by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the State Radio Monitoring and Testing Center (SRTC).
  • Application submission to SRRC ( similar process as for FCC).  It is significant that the parameters in the test results are identical with the submitted parameters in the application documents.

SRRC approval process by phases:

  • Submission of application and supporting documentation
  • Product test for Type Approval
  • SRRC exhibits and TCF preparation for authorities submission
  • For CTA the process is serial to SRRC, and obtaining a specific IMEI number allocated by the government is mandatory

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